justice for all

Prior to moving to Stafford, Julia never knew anyone in a personal capacity who was directly impacted by an offense of violence – since moving to Stafford in 2013, her neighbor was murdered, a friend’s adult child was murdered, and another friend was with her children when she witnessed a murder at a McDonald’s – all in Stafford County.  

Julia does not believe that the current policies of the Commonwealth Attorney are really effective at keeping Stafford safe.  She wants to make sure that things change to bring Justice to All of Stafford – as a mom, she needs to keep her hometown safe for her kids and yours!



No unnecessary requests for jury trials. We should not waste the public’s time and money especially in cases where the jury is not ultimately going to make decisions.

Protect the public with competent, focused prosecution of serious crimes.

Ensure that only criminals are prosecuted.

Work with other agencies to address the serious drug addiction issues within Stafford County.


Victims should meet with an attorney and victim witness advocate within 2 days of criminal charges.

The Office will keep victims informed at all stages of the criminal case. Victims should never learn more about their case from the newspaper than from the office.

Victim input will be taken into consideration when making an offer to resolve a case and in bond recommendations.


Work to reduce the number of subpoenas when officers are not actually needed to testify. Officers should not have to spend hours going to Court to just wait until they are told to go home.

The Prosecutor’s office will work closely with law enforcement to make certain that the right person is charged and that law enforcements investigative efforts are fully understood and appreciated. Officer opinions will be given substantial weight in prosecutorial decisions.


Timely discovery and offers so that the accused will have time before Court to discuss options with counsel. When an agreement is reached in advance of Court, this will allow the office to reduce the number of subpoenas to Court.

Allow for rehabilitation programs both pre-trial and post-trial when there is a reason to believe that the programs will benefit the accused and therefore benefit society.