Julia Dillon is a tenacious prosecutor, dedicated to justice, and a true public servant. She uses her high moral and ethical values to ensure that charges are filed in cases with a strong evidentiary basis. She works with law enforcement to produce thorough investigations and to collect evidence in a manner that preserves its admissibility in court. An experienced litigator, Ms. Dillon uses her legal knowledge to protect victims and witnesses from harassing and irrelevant questioning during the trial. Ms. Dillon is a tireless advocate for public safety fearlessly holding those who harm others accountable for their actions.

Ms. Dillon brings these same legal skills and values to her representation of statutory clients. Ms. Dillon understands the important work of counties and townships. She has helped a number of statutory clients find answers to pressing questions. Her experience as both a criminal litigator and an advisor to public offices makes her the right choice for Stafford Commonwealth Attorney.


Julia Hilty

Former Colleague, Fairfield County, Ohio

Julia Dillon was my prosecuting attorney against my ex-husband that committed a crime against me with domestic violence and assault back in May of 2010 which ended up being top 10 crimes in Fairfield County, Ohio which lead him prison time for the crime he committed on me. This wasn’t the first time he laid his hands on me but the last, as I need emergency help. I knew this time was the worst, I needed a divorce and to get away from him for mine and my kids’ sake. I didn’t know at that time how the law worked all I knew is I needed to file something so I could get a divorce from him and we have 3 children together also after all that was done the Cop introduce me to Julia Dillon. I was scared out of mind and going through so many emotions week after week it could be something different. She helped me through the case, she was a shark and no way he was getting away with the crime he committed! She helped me so much, there were times I came to her saying I want my ex-husband back from his family members persuading me to think Julia and I could change it around it was the State of Ohio vs him. She would tell me sorry nothing you can do to change it; I thank her for that. If it wasn’t for her helping me through those times and being an amazing prosecutor who knows where I would be. She opened my eyes in that awful situation and I thank her for all she did. By far one of the most amazing prosecuting attorneys Julia Dillon.

Danielle Couch

Fairfield County, Ohio